Snyder ISD and Responsive Education Solutions Announce Junior High Leadership for the 2020-2021 School Year

Snyder, TX, March 28, 2020-- Snyder ISD and Responsive Education Solutions, the largest charter school system in the state, are formalizing a partnership for the 2020-21 academic school year. Dr. Alan Wimberley, the Chief Education Architect from ResponsiveEd states, “While a relationship between a nonprofit charter school company and a traditional school district would seem to be difficult at best, the educators in the community are carving a new path, and forging fresh ground, for other educators to follow.”

Leaders from ResponsiveEd and SISD believe 2020-2021 will prove to be the most exciting and successful year for Snyder Junior High School. While the TEA has listed Snyder Junior High as “Improvement Required” for the past five years, the partnership is seen as a positive change for campus culture and outcomes. Dr. Wimberley states, “From day one, I genuinely know that Snyder educators will resolve Snyder issues. However, I’m also proud to lead in this effort because the educators and community here are already making me feel welcomed and I’m excited to commit all of my energy and time to be in Snyder.

Dr. Wimberley is pleased to announce the 2020-2021Team of Deans for the junior high.

Snyder Junior High Head of School: Jerry Russell

Dean of Academics: Rebecca Mebane

Dean of Operations: Joshua Parker

Dean of Instruction: Brittany Arellano

Dean of Students: Dr. Keith Parker

Dean of Academic Advising: To be announced

Dean of Athletics: Garrett Tiner

Dean of Premier Academy: Seth Summers

This Team of Deans will manage the daily academic and operations of the campus. Dr. Wimberley will serve as the education architect and will focus on the instructional and learning capacity of the school.

The junior high campus will implement the IQ Precision Mastery Learning System which will leverage the best of teachers and technology to offer students the most optimum learning environment possible.

“I’ve already been so impressed with the talent and capacity I’ve seen in Snyder educators, I am fully confident in their ability to do whatever it takes for kids here. Make no mistake. We will be successful,” Dr. Wimberley states. “But this will not happen because of me. It will happen because of us.”

ResponsiveEd has been developing innovative learning systems for the past 18 years. Jerry Russell, newly appointed Head of Schools states, “ResponsiveEd will bring a fresh, successful, proven system of education that will be a roadmap for the future and a template for the best we can offer for future generations.” The leadership of Snyder ISD, as well as the leadership at Responsive Education Solutions, are excited for the partnership and the opportunity to do more for kids here in our community.

January Updates

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Three innovative partners applied to assist the district through our Call for Quality Schools. Below are the community presentations from each of the applicants. These presentations were held on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at Snyder Junior High School.

Our remaining option for reopening Snyder Junior High is to contract with an Innovative Partner to operate the campus. By statute, a potential innovative partner must already serve 10,000 students and have a B rating. ResponsiveED is the only Call for Quality Schools applicant that meets those requirements. 

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