lemonade stand
Check out what the Snyder Intermediate students have produced to promote their upcoming lemonade stand project with Snyder High School! All of the materials and video promotions were created by these entrepreneurial 4th and 5th-grade students! Show them your support by sharing their posts and buying some lemonade this Friday, August 20th!
11am-1pm Snyder Primary Drive-through
11am-1pm Snyder Intermediate Drive-through
11:30am-1pm Scurry County Courthouse Gazebo

Can you help us to raise money for our stem lab from buying our
delicious lemonade?
This Friday, Snyder Intermediate, and Snyder High School we will be having a lemonade stand, on Friday, August 20th.
Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy a cup of cold lemonade during these hot days.
Buying a cup of lemonade, which would cost you one dollar a cup, with help raise money for our stem lab.
It takes place at:
Snyder Intermediate, by the driveway,outside the front office 11:00-1:00
Snyder Primary,outside the front office by the driveway 11:00-1:00
Courthouse Gazebo 11:30-1:00
And don’t forget it’s only one dollar a cup,but it’s for a good cause. So,if we see you this Friday, you will help out a lot of people. We hope to see you this Friday.

Vamos a vender limonada el viernes
a las 11:00 hasta las 1:00 en la
primaria o a las 11:30 a las 10:00 en
la casa verde en el cuadro y venga a
disfrutar un vaso de limonada fresca
por un 1.00 cada vaso y gracias por
leyendo este mensaje de la
limonada.agosto 20 2021