Welcome to Snyder Junior High School

Incoming 7th & 8th Grade Students

Online Meeting with 7th & 8th Grade Parents/Guardians 

Watch the replay of the online meeting with Mr. Rush, SJH Principal, Sherry Faulkenberry, SJH Counselor, and Coach Wood, Snyder ISD AD, to learn about schedules, electives, and athletics for next year.

Elective Selection Forms Due

Thursday, April 7th

Students will receive an elective selection form on Monday, April 4th. Please review your child’s class preferences and complete the form.   Student and parent signatures are required and must be turned into the student’s WIN teacher no later than Thursday, April 7th.

Elective Selection Entry: Week of April 20, 2023

The week of April 20th, Mrs. Faulkenbery and intermediate Encore teachers will assist students in entering this information into Skyward in order to officially designate their class electives for next year.

Schedule Pickup

Snyder Junior High School Schedule Pickup

Wednesday, July 26 2023

6th Grade: 8:00 am - 11:30 am 

7th Grade: 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm 

Thursday, July 27, 2023

8th Grade: 12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

After hours pickup for all grades: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

A "Meet the Teacher" event will be held approximately 3 weeks after school starts and final schedule adjustments have been made.

Required Courses include ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, PE, and WIN.  During the WIN period, teachers work with students on coursework and social-emotional learning guided by the Capturing Kids’ Hearts program.  

Fine Arts: Students must take one year of fine arts either in Music Appreciation, choir, band, or art. Once the junior high fine arts credit has been met, students may choose another elective.  Additional years of fine arts may be taken as an elective.

PE & Athletics: Students must have Physical Education for two years. In 7th and 8th grade, athletics counts as PE.

All schedule and elective options are subject to change based on course demand and availability.

7th Grade Elective Options

  • Advanced Theatre

  • Art I

  • Art II (must have completed Art I)

  • Band

  • Choir

  • * Health & Professional Communication  (1 semester classes, high school credit)

  • Music Appreciation 

  • * Spanish 1 (limited space available, high school credit)

  • STEM

  • *Touch Data Entry/Introduction to Computer Programming. (1 semester classes, high school credit)

8th Grade Elective options

  • Advanced Theatre

  • Art I

  • Art II   (must have completed Art I to take Art II)

  • * Business Information Management (high school credit)

  • Band

  • Choir

  • College & Career Readiness

  • Graphic Art (must have completed Art I & Art II, limited space, selected by Ms. Rodriguez)

  • * Health / Professional Communication (1 semester classes, high school credit)

  • Music Appreciation 

  • * Spanish I (high school credit)

  • * Spanish II - 8th grade only  (limited space, must have completed Spanish I with a 70 or higher, high school credit)

  • STEM 

  • Yearbook  (limited space, selected by Ms. Rodriguez)

We look forward to the 2022-2023 school year and want to ensure a smooth transition to the next gradel. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 325-574-8700 or email

7th & 8th Grade FAQ

How and when will students choose electives?  Will parents be able to review their child’s selections prior to submission?  

Students will meet with  the school counselor in the Spring to go over the electives. A form will be sent home for both the parents and students to sign and return.  Check with the school for the deadline.

What if my child is unsure which elective they want to take or changes their mind?  

Schedule changes can be made starting the second day of school. Students will need to fill out a Schedule Change Request Form in the front office. There is not a guarantee students can get the class they want due to class sizes and student needs but an effort will be made to create the desired change. Schedule changes will end on Wednesday of the following week.

What does a typical day look like for a 7th/8th-grade student?

Building doors open at 7:30am for breakfast in the classroom. Students report immediately to their first period class as soon as they enter the building. Class starts at 8:00am and class periods are 50 minutes. During the school day, students will transition to eight different classes. Lunch is held in the cafeteria one grade level at a time, unless a student has a class with both 7th/8th graders then that student will attend the 8th grade lunch. At dismissal students need to report to the appropriate place: bus riders in the cafeteria and walkers or car riders on the east side of the building where drop off is held.

How do JH teachers communicate with parents?  What can I do if my child is struggling with school?  

Teachers on the junior high campus use Parent Square, email, phone, or mail to communicate with parents. If your student is struggling with school the first step would be to communicate with the teacher to find out what is happening. This can be done via Parent Square, email, phone, or even a face to face conference with the parent, teacher, and student.  Make a plan with the teacher to help the student get on track. You can request the student to attend tutoring. If concerns continue don’t hesitate to reach the school counselor, or another administrator to help identify how to help the student get back on track.

If my child has to leave for an appointment, are they counted absent?  

Attendance is taken every class period and not just once a day. If a student leaves early, he/she will be counted absent for the classes missed. Please keep in mind if a student is 10 minutes late to class or leaves class 10 minutes early, it will count as an absence due to the State of Texas mandating students be in every class 90% of the class time.

Students who need to leave school during school hours need to provide a note from their parents and/or medical note to the front office. Before the student can be dismissed, the individual picking the student up must check in the front office and present their drivers license. Once pick up is approved, the student will be called to the office. 

What is the cell phone policy at school? 

Cell phones are not allowed to be seen or heard during school hours except in the cafeteria on designated days. Students must earn the privilege of being able to use their cell phones during lunch and will be told by the administrators on lunch duty whether or not they are allowable each day.

Will the junior high have standardized dress next year?  

The junior high will have a dress code, but is moving away from the standardized dress policy that was in effect for the 21-22 school year.  The dress code will be published in the student handbook.

What STAAR tests are given to 7th & 8th grade students?

7th Grade: ELAR, Math

8th Grade: ELAR, Math, Science, Social Studies

What sports are available to 7th & 8th graders?  

Boys may play football, tennis, golf, basketball, track, and cross country. Girls have volleyball, tennis, golf, basketball, track, and cross country to choose from.

What if my child is unsure which sports they want to play?  Do they have to have experience?  

The great thing about junior high is it’s the place to begin exploring the different sports available. If students are unsure which sports they want to play, they should talk to a coach or try the sport to see if it is a fit for them. No experience is necessary. Students must be willing to show a willingness to learn and demonstrate leadership qualities. In order to play in games, students must be passing with a 70 or higher. 

Does my child try out for sports in junior high?  What if they don’t make the team, do they get moved into PE? 

Tryouts are held in junior high. If a student doesn’t make the team, they have a choice of staying in athletics to continue working on skills, build strength and conditioning, and participate in off season or be moved to PE.

What if they decide a sport isn’t for them? 

If a student decides a sport isn’t for them, I first encourage them to talk to the coaches before quitting a team. If a student decides not to play the sport, they will remain in athletics for their physical education credit and continue working on skills, build strength and conditioning, and participate in off season. In rare cases, students have had a schedule change to move them to PE. 

Are there workouts during the summer?  

No, junior high doesn’t have mandatory workouts during the summer. Once school starts students will be given a workout schedule by their coaches.  However, strenght and conditioning is optional and schedules will be posted on the summer programs section of the website.

Is my child required to get a sports physical for junior high sports?  

 In order to participate in athletics students must have a physical and their Arbiter completed by the deadline set by the athletic department. The school district typically covers the cost of the physical as long as it is completed by or before August 1st. After that date, the physical is at the family’s expense. Both the physical and Arbiter must be completed before a student is allowed to participate in practices or games.

Does no pass no play apply in junior high?  

Yes, no pass no play does apply in junior high. Students must be passing all of their classes with a 70 or higher in order to play at UIL events.

Are there any other requirements for junior high sports?  

Students in athletics are expected to attend practice and scheduled games. If a student misses, advance notice should be given to the coaches. Any missed practices will need to be made up by the student. This is something the coaches will go over in more detail once school starts. 

Students on campus look up to the athletes. Therefore, they have a large impact on campus. Administrators and coaches expect student athletes to demonstrate behaviors in such a manner that displays leadership qualities.