see someting say something

It was brought to the junior high administration's attention that a student made threats toward several students via private text message.  Local law enforcement was notified and began an investigation immediately.   All students are safe, and the issue has been addressed.  

While privacy laws prohibit us from discussing the discipline of any specific individual, we can assure you that any student found responsible for making threats of violence will face consequences as allowable by both District policy and law.

Everyone has a part in keeping the school safe. It's up to students, teachers, and families to tell the right people if they hear about a possible threat. Thank you to the students and parents who reported the threats so they could be addressed swiftly.  

Immediately report any suspicious activity or concerns to the school administration or police.

For non-urgent concerns, use the  “See Something, Say Something” form which can be found at Report information about weapons, threats, fights, drugs, self-harm, suicide, harassment (of any form), bullying, or any other disclosures made to you or posted online that are concerning.